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Georgia tests come back cleaner in review

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2011 17:05 PM

Last year, there was a significant amount of controversy in the Georgia public school system as analysts found a high number of erasures on state standardized tests during the 2010 school year, indicating that cheating was occurring.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that more than 3.5 percent of elementary and middle schools discussed worry over the fact that a number of exams on the spring 2010 test were erased and changed from wrong to right. The source points out that in 2009, 10 percent of academic institutions in the Peach State reported cheating marks.

"I don't think there's any question that there was some cheating. I think that's been proven," State Superintendent John Barge told the news provider. "But I think it shows some schools and some systems got the message."

According to the Albany Herald, the investigation into the 2009 tests are still ongoing as analysts are trying to determine the severity of the cheating, despite many people already realizing foul play has occurred. However, analysts are taking the decrease in cheating year-over-year as a good sign.