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Following cheating scandal, standardized tests are not the problem
FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011 21:08 PM

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding teachers who administered the answers to standardized tests to their students before they should have in an effort to boost scores. Some charter schools have closed down as a result of the controversy, and many teachers are coming under fire.

Following an investigation from USA Today in conjunction with a number of state publications, more than 1,610 cases of alleged cheating have taken place in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Washington, D.C.

Although the news provider was the first to blow the cover on this story, it is now saying that these teachers are the ones to blame, not the standardized tests themselves. USA Today reports that since this investigation, many people have suggested getting rid of standardized tests all together, as having the immense pressure of yearly progress is causing academics to suffer.

However, those who are for the exams say that it's a way to measure how students are faring against their peers, and whether or not they are receiving the best education possible.