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Following cheating allegations, D.C. schools increase standardized test security
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2011 16:22 PM

Following the recent scandal that has found a number of schools potentially guilty of providing students with the answers to standardized exams, some areas are ramping up security efforts to ensure that a similar episode doesn't happen again.

The Washington Examiner reports that school officials in Washington, D.C. will be increasing security measures to curb the problem of cheating. According to the news provider, paper security seals will be attached to test booklets that can only be broken by the student.

These seals can only be broken with a pencil and will not be able to be fixed once broken. However, some people are still questioning whether or not this preventative measure will work.

"What security does the test have, in putting that test back together? What purpose will it serve?" Dorothy Douglas, the Ward 7 member of the D.C. school board, told the news provider. "You hope it will be secure, but what key do you have to lock it back so it's not altered?"

These measures come after an investigation by USA Today found that schools in the D.C. area, along with six other states, showed improvement percentages that were not statistically possible in standardized test scores.