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Florida teachers may no longer have job security

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 2011 15:52 PM

Since the No Child Left Behind Act was implemented, teachers have been held accountable to how well their students performed on standardized exams. With a huge push for education reform, a number of school systems have voted to link teacher pay to how well their students perform.

Florida is the most recent state to make this decision, after a long struggle to get the measure passed. According to Tampa Bay Online, the law to abolish tenure in an effort to link rewards to performance was approved last year before it was vetoed by Governor Charlie Christ.

The difference is this year, the lawmakers will be passing the law onto new Governor Rick Scott. However, educators have been fighting the measure, saying it will destroy any job security they had in the past. State Democrats were also on the educators' side, giving a sheet of points to the House.

"This bill fires nearly every Florida teacher every year regardless of their performance," said a sheet of talking points handed out by the House minority office, the news provider reports.