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Debate continues over new Texas standardized tests


As Texas moves toward its new version of standardized tests, many academic officials are beginning to question whether or not the exams are a good fit for the students.

Next year, the TAKS test, which has been used since 2003, will be replaced by the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR). According to West Texas' CBS affiliate CBS 7, some academic insiders believe the new test may be too challenging for some students.

However, advocates for the new exam point out that there are still students who are currently struggling with the TAKS test, and that no matter what exam is given, it will always be a balancing act of trying to keep as many students advancing as possible.

 "We've taken it as far as we could and it was time to move to the next level," Debbie Ratcliffe, communications director for The Texas Education Agency, told the news provider.

According to the Texas Education Agency, the new tests are designed to be significantly more rigorous than the TAKS test and will grade a student's performance and academic growth.