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Could schools with extended hours see improved test performance?

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 2010 17:02 PM

There can be a number of reasons for certain students excelling in academics, but some education officials believe that spending an extended amount of time on learning material could potentially help students achieve higher marks.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan and President Barack Obama have been stressing the importance of having longer school days and shorter summer breaks in order to help improve standardized test scores and overall academic achievement, according to the Washington Post.

Some school districts are implementing longer school days and noticing promising results. The news provider reports that AIM Academy, a middle school in the Washington, D.C., area, has seen their standardized test scores soar nearly four times as high when compared to some schools with regular hours.

However, it could be important for extended programs to strike a balance with learning. According to Newsweek, schools that consider extending their hours should also ensure that extracurricular activities are included with the new schedule, as students who are constantly involved in subjects like math and reading could get burnt out quicker.