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Catholic schools use testing scores to determine flaws in curriculum

In order to determine the academic capabilities of students, some schools across the country subject their students to standardized testing in order to establish where they should be placed in the curriculum.

Bishop Robert W. Finn recently approved a new strategic plan for catholic schools in the Kansas City area that will help stabilize weak schools, according to the Catholic Key. Bishop Finn announced a two-year study in 2008 in order to determine why so many schools in the diocese were facing low enrollment or closing.

After determining the soft spots of the curriculum offerings, the plan for academic excellence will develop specific curriculum guidelines based on the students' answers from standardized testing.

"We will use data gathered on success - test scores," associate superintendent Pat Burbach told the news provider. "Especially in math and reading, and how they reflect the diocese's overarching goals. We want all our schools to be on the same basic path."

The news provider reports that the diocese decided that it was important to be proactive in bettering the curriculum, which was the purpose behind the study.