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California elementary school rewards students for strong test performance

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 17:12 PM

Students in third through sixth grade at California's Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School were recently treated to hamburgers, brownies and music, and they have themselves to thank for it, the Imperial Valley Press reported. In fact, these were the pupils' rewards for a job well done on the 2012 California Standards Tests (CST), which are part of the California STAR Testing Program.

According to the California Department of Education, many of these students performed quite well on the CST. For example, 50 percent of third-graders were considered to be advanced in mathematics, while 37 percent of fourth-graders achieved the same status in the area of English language arts.

Teachers and a few community members took it upon themselves to provide students with an afternoon of fun. Although the CST results were released this past August, school officials enjoyed the idea of providing kids with a chance to enjoy December's cooler weather.

"This is our way of showing the students that we appreciate them and all their hard work," second-grade teacher Cindy Nickus told the news source. "We want to encourage our students to do well and hopefully they’ll use this as a stepping stone. We want them to know college is in their future."