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Students in Arkansas’ Hamburg School District perform well on the ITBS
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 04, 2012 17:17 PM

Even though the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) were provided by the University of Iowa’s College of Education, school districts in other states still have the ability to administer the assessment.

Last spring, the ITBS was taken by students across Arkansas, the Ashley County Register reported. Overall, Noble Elementary School in the Hamburg School District performed the best on the assessment, as students achieved a total score of 73.

According to the news source, this score means that Noble test takers performed at the same level as the top 27 percent of students in the country. In terms of overall scores, Portland Elementary, which is also located in the Hamburg School District, achieved the second-best results with a score of 66.

Students in kindergarten through the twelfth grade take the ITBS, which covers subjects such as language, reading, math and science. However, the news outlet reported that schools in Arkansas do not administer the Tests to students in every grade level.

GreatSchools states that students who score at the 40th percentile on the ITBS are considered to be proficient. As a result, schools aim to have their pupils meet or surpass this level.