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School district reviews students’ Iowa Assessments results

WEDNESDAY, MAY 09, 2012 15:38 PM

Educators in Iowa’s Marshalltown Community School District recently had a chance to see how students performed on the Iowa Assessments, which have replaced the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS), the Marshalltown Times Republican reported.

According to the University of Iowa’s website, students are administered different exams depending on their grade level. While content varies from one test to another, they all evaluate pupils’ abilities in the areas of English language arts and math.

Based on students’ test results, the biggest gains were made at the high school level, the news source reported. Math scores for the District’s secondary students remained steady for some and increased for others. Officials from Marshalltown Community believe this is due to the implementation of a new math curriculum.

However, a few trouble spots were identified, especially among the District’s elementary students in the area of reading.

"We know that we have needs in elementary literacy and we're moving very intentionally and purposefully to correct that situation," Susan Pecinovsky, the District’s associate superintendent, told the news outlet.

In the fall, the District will introduce a new reading curriculum for its elementary students. Parents will have a chance to review the results of their children’s Iowa Assessments when they are mailed home next week.