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School district celebrates three consecutive years of high ITBS scores
MONDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2011 16:50 PM

In Georgia, the Cobb County School District administers to Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) each September to see how students in its elementary schools are performing compared to pupils across the country, according to a press release from the District. Among the academic subjects students are tested in are language arts, reading, science and mathematics.

Cobb County recently announced its third-, fifth- and seventh-graders’ ITBS scores revealed a 1 percent increase at each grade level over results from 2010. This, in turn, makes 2011 the third straight year in which the District has seen improvements in students’ test scores.

"The ITBS scores are a good indication that our students are receiving competitive instruction by national comparison," said Superintendent Michael Hinojosa. "The gains in math, language arts and science are especially encouraging as these academic areas play an increasing role in school performance measures."

According to Cobb County officials, third-graders had a composite score in the 70th percentile, which means they performed as well as or better than 70 percent of all other test takers in the third grade. The composite scores for the District’s fifth- and seventh-graders were in the 68th and 64th percentile, respectively.