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School celebrates last day with awards for improved ITBS scores

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 01, 2011 13:43 PM

Hillcrest Elementary School, which is located in Fort Dodge, Iowa, recently dismissed students for the last time as it prepared to close after 55 years, The Messenger reports. The institution's 145 children will attend Butler Elementary School next year.

Lis Ristau, Hillcrest principal, told the news outlet that the day was bittersweet. While she understands that the school board is working with a strict budget, many children will be sad to leave the institution.

In order to make their last day at Hillcrest memorable, Ristau and other faculty members worked to plan activities for their students, the news outlet reports. Throughout the day, staff took the time to give awards and prizes to those second- through fourth-grade children who had improved scores on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS).

According to its website, the ITBS is an optional test given to students in kindergarten through the eighth grade. Since its creation, almost all Iowa public and private school districts have opted to participate in the testing service.

During their last day, students were also able to eat lunch outside as well as attend an afternoon sock-hop and a celebratory assembly in the school gym.