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Reading courses help students improve their ITBS scores

Not too long ago, some students at Decorah High School in Iowa were not performing very well on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS). However, teachers now see signs of improvement in their pupils’ academic abilities thanks to a reading program that was established in response to poor scores, The Decorah Newspapers reported.

In order to be considered proficient, students at the School needed to score in the 42nd percentile, the news source stated. Around 10 years ago, however, test takers’ results were landing around the 20th percentile. This pushed district officials to establish different reading courses for those who require assistance.

According to the news outlet, students who place below the 45th percentile are required to enroll in one of these courses. For many students, the benefits of these classes are apparent.

"I've noticed that my reading and comprehension of the reading material has increased, and it really does show in other classes, especially on tests," DaeHan Harvey, a senior at the School, told the news source.

In addition to reading, the ITBS is designed to assess students’ abilities in the areas of vocabulary, mathematics, science and social studies, according to Riverside Publishing’s website.