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Preparing a student for the ITBS
MONDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2010 17:16 PM

Many students could suddenly find themselves unnerved by the prospect of taking standardized tests. While this is a major part of a public student's academic career due to the No Child Left Behind Act, it does not mean that these tests are impossible.

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) is one of the more popular exams to give to public school students, as well as pupils in Catholic institutions. According to the University of Iowa College of Education, there are ways that academic officials and other supporters can help calm any fears students may have about the upcoming exams.

It may be a good idea for adults to reach out to students who haven't taken a form of standardized testing before, as they could have anxiety about taking the exams. Taking extra time to go over the materials could help ease a child's anxiety.

According to Math and Reading Help, children who are struggling in certain school subjects may need a tutor. This can also help them prepare for the material that could be on the test.