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Many students performing above their grade level at Colorado school

MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2012 15:15 PM

This past February, second- through eighth-graders enrolled at St. Stephen’s Catholic School in Colorado took the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS), the Glenwood Springs Post Independent reported. Based on the results of this recent round of testing, students are performing above their grade level.

"We try to have growth in every class level, every year," Principal Tom Alby told the news source. "In many cases we have students performing two, three, even four grade levels above where they are."

To identify students’ scores, they are evaluated based on their grade level equivalent and how far along they are in terms of achievement. Second-graders had a score of 3.1, which means they performed at the level of a third-grader in his or her first month.

St. Stephen’s fourth-graders received a score of 6.3, fifth-graders earned a 7.3 and eighth-graders achieved an 11.3, the news outlet stated. Alby said that these results show that students are performing ahead of what is expected of them.

The ITBS tests students’ abilities across multiple academic areas, such as vocabulary, reading comprehension, mathematics, social studies and science, according to Riverside Publishing’s website.