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ITBS scores reveal one-third of county elementary students are below reading level
MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2011 15:33 PM

Although some people have suggested in the past that standardized tests can be stressful to students, some school districts have found interesting statistics about their students as a result of the exam answers.

The Tooele County School District in Utah administered the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) to its students in order to determine their academic capabilities. According to the Tooele Transcript Bulletin Online, approximately one-third of students in first through third grades are reading below their grade levels.

Educators were upset by these findings, as some say that they have made literacy a priority for students. This was the first year that all Utah schools had to use the same assessment.

"That makes me concerned," Gary Gowans, Tooele County school board member, told the news provider. "We have put a lot of emphasis on literacy in the district. It is hard to believe we have that many students below level."

The ITBS is typically used in Georgia, Iowa, Montana, Nevada and Utah public institutions. Additionally, the standardized test is utilized by parochial and Catholic schools across the country.