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Iowa school students satisfied with ITBS scores

TUESDAY, JUNE 07, 2011 11:28 AM

Officials from Rolling Green Elementary School in Urbandale, Iowa recently announced that their third- and fourth-grade students earned improved scores in the reading and math sections of the Iowa Test of Basic Standards (ITBS), the Des Moines Register reports.

This year, test results show that about 20 percent of third-graders are advanced in reading, while about 23 percent are considered advanced in math. In the fourth grade, approximately 32 percent of children have advanced scores in reading and 36 percent have advanced math results.

Many students said they were happy with their scores, including fourth-grader Kit Stoelk.

"I thought I did a really good job," she told the news outlet. "I think ITBS is really fun."

According to the test website, in these grades, students are tested on reading topics - including vocabulary, comprehension, spelling and punctuation - as well as math subjects - such as estimation, computation and data interpretation.

In order to earn higher scores, the school recently updated the way in which it educates its students. For example, teachers are now striving to ensure that learning is fun for students, using everything from toy dogs and trucks to show them basic reading and math principles.