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Iowa school sees high ITBS scores

THURSDAY, JUNE 02, 2011 15:53 PM

Officials from St. Patrick School in Cedar Falls, Iowa, recently announced that they received their students' results from the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS), the WCF Courier reports. Faculty members are very pleased with the scores.

The Catholic school reported that on their fall 2010 ITBS tests, 88 to 100 percent of students in grades three through eight were ranked proficient. This means that these children were in the 41st percentile.

By using the test's average scores, faculty reported that students in every class tested above their grade level in the three subjects. The composite scores indicated that each year students were becoming more advanced. For example, third-graders were ranked as about one year above their grade level, while eighth-graders were even further above their grade level.

According to the ITBS website, one of the main goals of the test is to show parents and teachers how students are performing academically in relation to their peers. Sister Marilou Irons, principal of St. Patrick School, told the news outlet that she believes this mission was accomplished.

"Teachers quickly know a student's strengths and deficits," she said. "They teach to the strengths to eliminate the deficits."