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District's eighth-graders continue to shine on the ITBS

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 09, 2013 21:53 PM

In 2011, eighth-graders at Georgia's Cherokee County School District managed to perform so well on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS), they ended up exceeding the national average for the assessment, the Cherokee Tribune reported. Based on students' 2012 ITBS results, not only are Cherokee eighth-graders still surpassing the national average, but they are achieving higher composite scores as well.

Overall, there was a one-point increase in eighth-graders' ITBS composite score last year, bringing their total score up to 67 points. The national average is set at 50, and takes into account how well test takers performed on the assessment's language arts, reading, social studies, science and mathematics sections. According to Riverside Publishing's website, while the Tests' subject matter varies depending on the grade level, they are designed to help educators see how their pupils are progressing academically.

Students in Cherokee's fifth grade also took the ITBS, and they too exceeded the national average with a score of 69, the news outlet reported. There was no change in this score between 2011 and 2012.

"Much attention is rightfully paid to the outstanding successes of our high school students, especially the recent achievement of earning the state’s highest SAT scores," said Frank Petruzielo, the district's superintendent, as quoted by the news source. "What we must also recognize and applaud is the continuous improvement of students in our elementary and middle schools and the power of positive collaboration between these students, their parents and our dedicated teachers and administrators."