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District students exceed proficiency on the Iowa Assessments
THURSDAY, JULY 05, 2012 15:28 PM

In Iowa’s Cedar Valley Catholic Schools (CVCS) district, students that once took the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) are now taking the Iowa Assessments, the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier reported. Despite the exams’ differences, test takers performed well.

Based on the recently released results of the fall 2011 Iowa Assessments, the average scores for the district’s third- through eleventh-graders exceeded proficiency in academic topics like reading, math and science.

"We showed expected growth in all 36 categories," Jeff Frost, CVCS’ director of education, told the news source. "We're happy with our results. We met proficiency in all 36 categories."

According to Riverside Publishing’s website, the results of the Iowa Assessments can be used to identify test takers’ strengths and weaknesses, gauge students’ level of college readiness, evaluate the effectiveness of academic programs and ultimately, shape the quality of instruction.

Frost told the news outlet that his district will continue to work toward improving students’ scores. He added that since the Iowa Assessments are quite different from the ITBS, scores from the exams are not easy to compare. However, to gain a better sense of how students are performing from one year to the next, district officials put ITBS scores from the fall of 2010 through a "statistical equality process" to receive a national standard score, which is what the Iowa Assessments use.