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Colorado Catholic school receives high marks on the ITBS

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2010 17:50 PM

Following the passing of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, many schools that have demonstrated high standardized test scores have been recognized for their student performance achievements. There are a number of standardized tests available to schools.

One of the more common exams among Catholic schools is the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS), and St. Clare of Assisi in Edwards, Colorado, was recently recognized for its marks on the standardized test, according to Vail Daily, a news publication that focuses on the Vail area.

When the results of the eighth graders' ITBS scores came back, academic officials noted that in terms of their comprehension, students were able to perform at the same level as most college sophomores.

However, while many academic administrators noted how hard the students worked to achieve those marks, they want to make sure it stays a habit.

"While we're proud of our scores, we want to make sure they stay up there," the school's principal, Sister Rita Rae Schneider told the news provider.

The ITBS is typically used by schools in Georgia, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, Utah and the Catholic diocese.