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Arkansas school district performs well on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills

MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2011 16:17 PM

Kay Johnson, the superintendent of the Greenwood School District in Arkansas, recently released her annual report to the public, the Fort Smith Times Record reported. According to Johnson, students exceeded state annual yearly progress standards based on their Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) scores.

The ITBS is new to the Arkansas school district, but Greenwood students at various grade levels performed well on the assessment, according to the news source. For example, 88 percent of kindergartners were proficient in reading, compared to 65 percent of pupils statewide. A total of 80 percent of these youths were found to be proficient in math, as opposed to 73 percent of kindergartners across Arkansas.

High school students in the District also completed the Iowa End-of-Course assessments, which are a part of the Iowa Testing Programs, according to the University of Iowa's website. The purpose of these assessments is to measure how much these pupils have learned through their classes.

In Greenwood, 81 percent of high school students were proficient or higher on the End-of-Course literacy tests, while 95 percent of eighth and ninth graders and 90 percent of tenth graders achieved the same results in algebra and geometry, respectively, according to the news outlet.