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Analysts find students in Seventh-Day Adventist schools perform at a higher level than their peers
MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2010 17:28 PM

There is a heavy focus on education reform across the country, and some schools are looking to show their students' potential by making their standardized test scores public. As it's now a law that public school students must pass some form of standardized testing in order to graduate, many analysts are comparing test scores.

One system that appears to be exceeding many expectations in terms of students' academic achievements is the Seventh-Day Adventists' schools, according to the Christian Science Monitor. As the second largest Christian academic system in the world, the Monitor examined the results of the schools on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills for grades 3-8, the Iowa Test of Education Development for grades 9 and 11 and the Cognitive Abilities Test for all students.

The source reports that students scored higher than the national average on every single exam, in addition to scoring higher than their expected achievement.

According to K12 Academics, the Seventh-Day Adventist school system supports a holistic educational approach.