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Washington official adopts Common Core State Standards
MONDAY, AUGUST 01, 2011 16:44 PM

Officials from the office of Washington Superintendent Randy Dorn recently announced that he will adopt the Common Core State Standards in mathematics and English language arts. Currently, only six states have not accepted the national curriculum, including Texas, Alaska, Montana and Minnesota, the Common Core State Standards' website reports.

Dorn said he chose to adopt the standards in order to improve the overall quality of education in the state, preparing students for their next grade level as well as life after school.

"I believe the Common Core Standards are the first step in helping our nation move forward with true education reform," he said. “The standards are clear and will benefit our students. They’ll be better prepared for post-high school, no matter the path they choose."

The state superintendent said another benefit of the standards is that students who move to Washington from other states will not struggle academically, as schools across the country will teach the same material at similar times.

Additionally, because all schools in the state will use the new curriculum, institutions will be able to save costs by pooling money for textbooks, Dorn said.