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Virginia determines new test passing rate
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2010 17:40 PM

The No Child Left Behind Act measures how states perform in educating children within the public school system. Through standardized testing, education officials are able to determine what schools are making progress in their curriculum, and what areas still need work in helping students meet the standards of the rest of the nation.

The Commonwealth of Virginia recently passed the acceptable standard for students' exams, according to The State Board of Education has decided that for the next four years, the state will adopt an 82 percent pass rate for the Standards of Learning reading test and an 80 percent passing rate for the math portion.

However, by the 2013-2014 school year, the new required pass rates for both sections will be set at 100 percent under the No Child Left Behind Act, the source reports.

"These are not aspirational goals. These are goals for accountability," Patricia Wright, the state superintendent for public instruction, told the Virginia-Pilot. "Eighty, 82 percent, quite honestly that's ambitious for many of our subgroups."