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Video series designed to help with the implementation of the Common Core

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 07, 2012 16:35 PM

Many of the schools that have adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are currently in the process of transitioning to new curricula that are influenced by the national initiative.

Any institutions that are struggling with the CCSS implementation process may want to look to Plummer Elementary School in California for inspiration. However, rather than sending representatives to the West Coast to visit Plummer, schools can simply view a new video about the institution.

The Plummer video, as well as several others in the National Association of Elementary School Principles series, are available through the School Improvement Network, a professional development provider. The instructional video outlines how Plummer was able to double scores on student assessments over the course of a few years. Interviews with teachers at the Elementary School reveal helpful strategies that were developed to meet their academic goals.

"Plummer demonstrates the way that passionate, informed leadership will make all the difference in standards implementation," said Curtis Linton, vice president of the School Improvement Network. "This information will be an incredible boon for schools undergoing Common Core Standards implementation."