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Technology to enhance CCSS instruction at Wisconsin schools
THURSDAY, AUGUST 30, 2012 14:40 PM

This fall, instruction at several Wisconsin schools has taken a turn for the technological, as both teachers and students prepare for the rigorous Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

In the Green Bay Area Public School District, for instance, technology is expected to play a greater role in classrooms once the CCSS are fully implemented, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reported. For this reason, sixth- and ninth-graders will receive netbook computers in November. This will allow them to access online materials they can use to enhance the language arts and mathematical concepts they are covering in school.

"Students will have access to the materials they need to work online," Jeff Gibson, the District's technology director, told the news source. "Providing them with netbooks is the glue. Students can share with each other, as well as with teachers."

Meanwhile, at Northeastern Wisconsin Lutheran High School, students will be using iPads this fall, in addition to classroom standbys, such as rulers, compasses and protractors.

As skills related to technology and media will play a large role in students' success in the 21st century, the analysis and production of media and technology are integrated throughout the Common Core, according to the CCSS' website.