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Teachers continue to discuss the effectiveness of common core state standards
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2010 16:55 PM

Many states are choosing to adopt the common core state standards initiative, which is a standardized testing system that will help provide a clear picture as to how students match up in academic performance against the rest of the nation.

However, as more than half of the country has chosen to adopt these standards, some education officials are concerned that preparing students for these tests will take away from previous lessons, according to the Huffington Post.

Some teachers have argued that the new standards are too high, and that many of the students will ultimately fail because they cannot grasp some of these concepts. On the other hand, advocates for the tests say they will help students prepare for their future in the long run, and that high expectations will be a way to gauge a child's full potential.

Alabama is currently making headlines as it could soon be the 39th state to join the initiative. According to the Montgomery Advertiser, educators across the state have held public forums to discuss the details about the state standards and whether or not they would be a good edition to the school system.