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Teachers begin training programs for the Common Core State Standards

TUESDAY, MARCH 01, 2011 16:52 PM

As schools gear up to begin implementing the Common Core State Standards, as 46 states have jumped on board thus far, educators are now getting a lesson in how to adjust their curricula.

Training is now underway for teachers across America to understand the new standards, as it's critical that educators comprehend the fundamentals of the new exam. Teachers will be using products from Pearson in order to prepare themselves for changing their curricula.

The programs will include a number of resources, tools and a variety of other services in order to provide teachers with the utilities they need to help their students prepare for the exams.

"Teachers are without a doubt the most important factor in student success, and as professionals they need support and training to be at the top of their game," said Stefan Kohler, who heads up all of Pearson's Teacher Professional Development. "Right now, thousands of them across the country are gearing up to implement the Common Core State Standards in their classrooms."