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Study shows CCSS are a step in the 'right direction'

While not everybody is in favor of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), new research from Michigan State University (MSU) provides evidence that they are just what the nation's students need.

In a study, William Schmidt, MSU Distinguished Professor of statistics and education, compared the CCSS' math standards to those that were in place before the adoption of the Common Core. What he found was that states are better off with the CCSS in place, as he referred to them as "world-class."

"We can’t yet prove anything about the Common Core Standards because they’re just now being implemented, but if we look back we find that those states that were closest to the Common Core on average did better on the 2009 [National Assessment of Educational Progress] test," Schmidt said. "This is another strong piece of evidence that we are moving in the right direction."

According to Schmidt, his study is different from one that was conducted by the Brookings Institute, which reported the CCSS would have no impact on student performance. The difference is that Schmidt's research relied on a statistical analysis as opposed to opinion-based ratings.