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Students develop their technology skills using netbooks

MONDAY, MAY 14, 2012 15:54 PM

Information, media and technology skills play a significant role in the Framework for 21st Century Learning, according to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills website. In addition, the Common Core State Standards place a major focus on preparing students for college and the workforce. Without basic technology skills, these individuals will not be able to get far.

As a result, many school districts are doing what they can to familiarize students with different types of technology early in their academic careers. For instance, at Century High School in North Dakota, netbooks are replacing textbooks in three English classes, the Bismarck Tribune reported. Before pupils take a seat, they pick up one of these small, light-weight laptops, which they then work with throughout class.

The Netbook-equipped classrooms became a reality after the Bismarck Public School District, to which Century belongs, applied for a matching grant from the state of North Dakota.

"Netbooks will be used as one of the classroom tools to help students access the materials and use the skills they need to read and write digitally and more broadly, think more critically, learn and collaborate online and share what they know through digital products," Bonnie Kettleson, a Century librarian, told the news source.