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States receive grants for CCSS implementation at the college level

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 08, 2012 16:52 PM

Not only did the National Governors Association (NGA) play a role in the development of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), but the organization is also willing to help states through the implementation process for this education initiative.

The NGA recently announced that Maryland, Missouri and Nevada have all been selected to receive help transitioning to the CCSS in postsecondary settings. Although the Standards are designed to prepare K-12 students for college, there is the belief that higher education officials with knowledge of the Common Core will be able to assist elementary and high schools with the development of new classroom materials and lessons, Education Week reported.

Each of the three states will receive subgrants, while NGA staff, the National Association of System Heads and the U.S. Education Delivery Institute will all help provide ongoing technical assistance.

According to Brian Sandoval, governor of Nevada, his state has already recognized the important role postsecondary involvement can play in Nevada’s transition to the CCSS. Through the use of the NGA's funding, Nevada will be able to develop a comprehensive engagement plan.