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State official supports Common Core State Standards

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2011 17:48 PM

Skepticism often accompanies great change, which is why some people still have their doubts about the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). However, many education officials are excited about this initiative and what it will mean for students across the nation.

For instance, Mary Scott Hunter, a Republican serving on Alabama’s State Board of Education for District 8, recently took to The Gasden Times to share her thoughts on the CCSS and how her state is set for an educational surge. Hunter wrote that the time for Alabama to advance in academic achievement and workforce preparedness is now, and accepting the new Standards will help the state achieve these goals.

According to the CCSS’ website, the Standards are designed to do just what Hunter is hoping to accomplish in Alabama. The new curricula set by the CCSS will ensure that students are receiving the same education as others in their grade, as long as they are learning in states that have adopted the Standards.

Hunter wrote that the Standards’ structure makes them compatible with today’s increasingly mobile society, and makes the transfer experience easier for military families and others who have to relocate. Additionally, she encouraged supporters of public education to unite behind the philosophy of standards that prepare students for life after high school.