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South Dakota’s 2013 budget will fund Common Core State Standards training
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 09, 2011 17:11 PM

In 2010, education aid in South Dakota was cut by 6.6 percent, according to Public News Service. However, in 2013, state Governor Dennis Daugaard would like to see a 2.3 percent increase in education aid, which would help train teachers for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Daugaard recently presented his 2013 budget plan to the legislature, the news source reported. A total of $8.4 million in one-time funding is included to cover the Investing in Teaching initiative. This program is designed to provide training to math and science educators, as well as those who will be teaching the new Standards.

South Dakota adopted the CCSS on November 29, 2010, according to the initiative’s website. At the time, Tom Oster, the state’s secretary of education, said the Standards will ensure quality and consistency across the U.S. education system.

"You can have the best tools in the world, the best standards in the world, but if you're not training people in how to use them, and using them effectively, the point is moot.," Sandy Arseneault, president of the South Dakota Education Association, told the news source.