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South Dakota legislature bars the Common Core history standards

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 08, 2011 16:31 PM

Although South Dakota has officially adopted the Common Core State Standards, the state's board of education recently voted on a measure that would block the standards' version of the history curriculum.

A legislative panel has voted to ban the state from using a history curriculum that has been developed by a 31-state consortium, the Associated Press reports. The main sponsor of the bill, Representative Jim Bolin, told the news provider that while he has no problem with South Dakota adopting the math or science curricula, no other states should decide the history lessons that the Mt. Rushmore State teaches its children.

"History is one area of study that is most subject to interpretation and debate," Bolin said during a committee hearing. "What is taught and what is left out in history is crucial."

The AP reports that the bill will go to the full House of Representatives next before the ban can be official. South Dakota officially adopted the Core Curriculum's math and science portions last November.