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South Dakota Board of Education adopts Common Core State Standards

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2010 17:41 PM

More states are starting to get on board with the Common Core State Standards, which the government suggests can be used to determine how students across the country match up to each other in terms of academic proficiency.

The South Dakota Board of Education recently announced that the state was the most recent to join 40 others in using the Common Core State Standards, according to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. South Dakota will now use these tests to determine student proficiency in both math and English.

"What one child learns in one state ought to be what another child learns in another state," Education Secretary Tom Oster told the news provider.

Becky Nelson, an expert who works with the Department of Education, told, which provides information to residents surrounding the town of Brandon, that she believes this could be a challenge for some students, as the Common Core standards for math are much more advanced than the state's current standards.