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Secretary of Education praises use of Common Core State Standards

THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2011 15:42 PM

Education leaders recently met at a conference in Washington D.C., in order to discuss how the U.S. can become a key player in global academic standards.

The meeting came as a result of a recent report by the National Center for Education and the Economy, which shows that U.S. students are falling behind compared to other children from around the globe. Authors of the study said that educators outside of the U.S. are currently using strategies that American educators are not, which is allowing foreign students to surpass national children.

In order to advance the academics of U.S. students, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan gave advice to academic leaders at the conference. Duncan suggested that schools expand their criteria of the Common Core State Standards and apply it to the entire core curriculum. Educators should designate which topics should be taught in each core subject in each grade, he said.

Duncan also warned educators not to use new exams that have been developed by state consortia for grade-by-grade accountability testing. Teachers should pick one or two grade level tests and use them as gateway exams. Using this system, students must meet the criteria of each test before moving on to further academic training.