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Schools help teachers and parents better understand the CCSS

TUESDAY, JUNE 05, 2012 15:57 PM

Any teachers or parents who are still struggling to understand the full extent and desired impact of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) need not worry, as they are not alone. The CCSS is just as new to these individuals as they are to school officials and parents in every other state that has adopted the Standards.

This is why many schools are taking steps to educate staff and other members of their community on what the implementation of the CCSS will entail. For instance, officials from North Carolina’s Pender County Schools recently reviewed a presentation on the Common Core that principals will share with parents this fall, StarNewsOnline reported.

"We wanted to get some information together for our families that will help them understand the changes," Molly White, the district’s technology director, told the news source.

As North Carolina is far from the only state to adopt the new Standards, there are plenty of opportunities for professional development in other parts of the country. According to KPVI News 6, educators from more than 52 school districts recently gathered at Idaho State University to participate in the Total Instructional Alignment Conference and find out how they can better incorporate the CCSS into their classrooms.