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School district adopts Common Core for K-2 grade
TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011 09:15 AM

As schools across the country look to put the Common Core State Standards into effect, many institutions are making changes to the curricula in an effort to adapt to the newest guidelines of standardized exams.

For example, Davidson County Schools in North Carolina, is planning a new curriculum for its kindergarten, first and second grade classes in order to adopt the regulations of the state, according to The Dispatch. Many educators in the district are excited about what this will mean for the future of education.

"We have had these standards for 113 years," Sonja Parks, director of elementary education, told the news provider. "Now it's time to pack up this era and move to the technology era. We're real excited about this."

Adopted by 44 states, the Common Core State Standards were presented as a way to determine exactly how students match up against their peers nationwide, while reforming the education system. The state of North Carolina officially announced it was joining the coalition last June.