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SAT scores highlight the need for the CCSS

College is far from easy, which is why today's students need to graduate from high school prepared for the academic challenges that await them at the collegiate level. Unfortunately, far too many individuals are earning a diploma and showing few signs they are ready for higher education, according to new data from The College Board.

In "The SAT Report on College & Career Readiness: 2012," College Board researchers found that only 43 percent of 2012 high school graduates who took the SAT were at the level of academic preparedness deemed necessary for success in college. This data only validates the need for a higher quality of instruction, which is what the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is striving to offer students.

According to College Board officials, the organization has been a consistent advocate of the CCSS and has aligned the SAT with them.

"This report should serve as a call to action to expand access to rigor for more students," said Gaston Caperton, president of The College Board, in a statement. "Our nation’s future depends on the strength of our education system. When less than half of kids who want to go to college are prepared to do so, that system is failing."