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Report findings highlight the need for the CCSS
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22, 2012 16:03 PM

The makers of the ACT exam recently released a report - "The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2012" – which only makes the case for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), according to ACT officials.

While the report, which contains data related to 2012 high school graduates’ scores on the ACT college and career readiness exam, featured some good news, troubling college readiness statistics are what have ACT officials concerned. Overall, at least 60 percent of college-bound test takers are considered to be at risk of not succeeding in college and their careers based on their exam scores.

"Far too many high school graduates are still falling short academically," said Jon Whitmore, ACT chief executive officer. "We need to do more to ensure that our young people improve. The advanced global economy requires American students to perform at their highest level to compete in the future job market and maintain the long-term economic security of the U.S."

In the report, ACT officials say that states’ adoption of the CCSS is the first step toward ensuring that students are ready for college and the workforce. Furthermore, no matter where pupils are headed after high school, the report stresses the importance of aligning college and career readiness standards to a "rigorous core curriculum."