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Oklahoma schools strive to meet Common Core State Standards with technology

MONDAY, JUNE 06, 2011 20:35 PM

The Common Core State Standards says that students should be able to use technology in a variety of ways in order to be successful in a modern world, according to its website. For example, in mathematics, students should know how to use electronics to create visual images of mathematical models. These children should also be able to use technology to enhance their writing, speaking, listening, reading and language skills.

In order to prepare for these curriculum changes, schools in Oklahoma are currently discussing how they can ensure that students are technologically advanced, the Muskogee Phoenix reports.

Derald Glover, Fort Gibson superintendent, told the news outlet that the new testing system will begin in the 2014-2015 academic year. By this time, the school must have updated technology that will allow all students to take the test.

Although many schools have computer labs or computers in each classroom, Glover said he is worried because technology changes quickly. This could mean that more money will be needed in the future to meet Common Core State Standards needs.

In order to become better prepared for the changes, many academic officials said they will attend a seminar on the standards this summer.