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Oklahoma school officials praise Common Core State Standards
SUNDAY, JULY 17, 2011 17:04 PM

By next year, students in Oklahoma schools will be using the Common Core State Standards for their mathematics and English language arts curriculum, the Broken Arrow Ledger reports.

The Common Core State Standards is a national initiative that strives to show both teachers and parents what students should be learning and in what grades, its website states. It also aims to give children real-world skills so they will be better prepared to enter college or the workforce once they finish high school.

Since the standards give a clear outline of the curriculum, educators can spend more time teaching students necessary skills and less time worrying about small details, Janet Dunlop, the chief academic officer of Oklahoma's Broken Arrow Public Schools, told the news source.

Additionally, Randy Craven, the executive director of secondary education in the district, said that students will be required to use more critical thinking skills under the Common Core State Standards.

"You're going to be expected to make decisions based on the best available information, which means you've got to be able to find that information, be able to process it, and consider multiple variables and factors," he told the media outlet.