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North Dakota considers adopting Common Core State Standards

MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2011 12:21 PM

Greg Gallagher, director of standards and achievement in North Dakota, recently announced that it is expected that the state superintendent will approve the Common Core State Standards in May of 2013, with the program beginning the following July, Inforum reports.

According to its website, the Common Core State Standards has already been adopted in more than 40 states, including California, Michigan, Massachusetts and Kansas. The system strives to ensure that all students across the country are learning the same basic material in the areas of English language arts and mathematics.

Robert Grosz, assistant superintendent of teaching and learning, said at a Fargo, North Dakota School Board meeting, that one benefit of the standards is that if children move from one state to another, they will not suffer greatly in their academics, according to the news outlet.

In order to prepare teachers for a possible implementation of the Common Core State Standards, officials gave all educators a copy of the curriculum last year. They were then asked for their opinions on the new material.

Grosz told the news source that the transition should not be overly challenging, as the rigor level of the national standards does not differ greatly from that of the current curriculum.