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North Carolina prepares for implementation of Common Core State Standards

FRIDAY, JULY 08, 2011 14:48 PM

A group of about 100 North Carolina teachers and administrators recently met to discuss how they can smoothly switch their curriculum to that outlined by the Common Core State Standards, the Richmond County Daily Journal reports.

According to its website, the Common Core State Standards aims to create a national curriculum in English language arts and mathematics to ensure that students across the country are receiving a similar education in the same grades. Currently, about 48 states and territories have chosen to adopt the standards.

North Carolina educators are striving to use the new curriculum by the 2011-2012 school year. In order to do so, schools in Richmond County have already filed for five professional development days during the upcoming school year. This will give teachers a chance to enhance their knowledge of the Common Core State Standards, the news source reports.

While many states transition to the national standards, they are using "crosswalks" to fill in the gaps between their current and new curricula. The group of North Carolina teachers said they found these programs to be extremely helpful, the news provider states.