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North Carolina Bankers Association believes in the CCSS

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 07, 2013 10:19 AM

In North Carolina, educators and parents are preparing themselves for the release of what are likely to be lower standardized test scores, the News & Observer reported. This is due to the fact that the assessments pupils took this past spring were aligned with the more rigorous Common Core State Standards.

Many North Carolina residents may be disappointed when they see the scores and think the CCSS are to blame. Members of the North Carolina Bankers Association do not want to see this happen, and they are urging people to continue supporting the Standards, according to a press release from the Association.

"Students are graduating from high school without the skills they need to compete," said Thad Woodard, the Association's president and chief executive officer. "We need these goals so that we can start getting our kids - and future employees - where they need to be."

Even if test scores are low, Woodard does not necessarily see that as a bad thing. After all, accurate scores help teachers adjust their approach to instruction in a way that benefits learners.