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New York teachers to receive grades beginning in 2012

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2011 15:56 PM

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are designed to improve the education that students receive in the classroom. However, these pupils will not be the only ones who are evaluated, as teachers in New York will also receive grades under this new initiative.

Beginning in June 2012, educators will receive grades as part of their Annual Professional Performance Review, the news source stated. Teachers' grades will be decided based on three criteria. Student growth on state tests or other comparable measures will make up 20 percent of the grade, performance on locally selected assessments will equal another 20 percent and observations and other district measures will make up 60 percent.

When the percentages are tallied, teachers will be deemed ineffective, developing, effective or highly effective, according to the news outlet. This June, educators will begin to receive report cards, but they will only be for educators who teach English language arts and math in the fourth through eighth grades.

Although many of the academic changes that come with the adoption of the CCSS may take some getting used to, the new curricula is designed to ensure that the quality of education students receive is consistent, no matter which state they are in, according to the initiative's website.