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New York students acquire research skills to prepare for college
MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2012 17:13 PM

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are aligned with college expectations and designed to help K-12 students acquire knowledge that can help them succeed in higher education settings, according to the national initiative’s website.

Among the skills students will require in college are those related to research. This is one reason why New York’s Seaford Union Free School District is so focused on honing pupils’ research abilities, Wantagh-Seaford’s Patch website reported. Helping to prepare students for college-level research at Seaford High School is library media specialist Joanna McCloskey.

"Students will need to use libraries more because the Common Core Standards set by the state Education Department require additional fiction and non-fiction to be read, analyzed and reported back in areas beyond English language arts and social studies, to those of math and science," McCloskey told the news source.

McCloskey added that college officials often say research skills are weak among incoming students, despite their importance.

To ensure that Seaford High School students are prepared, ninth-graders are taught information literacy and also learn how to find research materials on the library website, according to the news outlet.