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New York schools work to meet Common Core State Standards

FRIDAY, JUNE 03, 2011 07:57 AM

According to the Common Core State Standards website, the system has already been adopted by 42 states, with New York being one of the most recent to participate. In order to adjust to the changes of national requirements, schools in Rivertown, New York, are working hard to revamp their system, Rivertown's Patch website reports.

Marjorie Holderman, director of curriculum and instruction at Dobbs Ferry Schools, told the news outlet that she thinks the new standards are "wonderful." However, they will require some adjustments to the curriculum that is already in place in the school district.

For Holderman, one of the biggest areas of change will be the English/language arts curriculum. The educator said that she sees differences between what the school district currently teaches and what the new standards demand in this subject, specifically when it comes to reading and writing non-fiction.

Holderman told the news provider that with the help of the district's literacy coordinator, she will work this summer to infuse more non-fiction into the K-12 curriculum.