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New Jersey enacts new biology standardized test as graduation requirement

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 05, 2010 16:10 PM

The state of New Jersey is looking to hold their public school systems responsible for ensuring that their students are up to par with all that's required of their grade.

In order to ensure that students are meeting national requirements in a number of subjects, the New Jersey Department of Education has announced that high school students must take a biology standardized test in order to fulfill graduation requirements, according to the Independent.

"Starting with this year, students are going to have to receive a passing score on the [New Jersey Biology Competency Test] NJBCT," Cresenda Jones, supervisor of mathematics and science for the Holmdel Township School District, told the news provider. "If they fail the test, then the DOE will require them to retake the test, but they have not provided information at this point about what that process is going to be."

According to the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association, in a practice run, nearly half of the 105,000 students who took the exam passed. In a new standard approved by the board, students must get 53 percent of the questions right in order to pass.